Myvi SE Fuel Saving Experiment Part 2.

Last Monday i wrote about my experiment in trying to measure out how much fuel i'd be using for a week by refueling RM20($5 USD). By refueling RM20, i got 11.112 liter of petrol. Among the things that i did for a week with that much fuel in tank was:

1. Not using the air conditioner in the morning to work. When i went back home, i've used the a/c because it was hot inside due to the fact that i didn't park in the shades and i have leather seats.

2. i didn't go out after work and went straight back home except for last Thursday(12/02) when SHE asked me to tag along for dinner, honestly i couldn't say no to HER.

3. i try as much as i could to drive in a constant speed, in which i drove in average 60-70kmph.

4. i try as mcuh as i could to stay in one lane, minimising overtaking. i only overtake if the car or motorcycle in front is too slow.

So here was the fuel indicator before(Monday 09/02):

and here it is now(Sunday 15/02),

Did you notice that it only goes down by one bar? Amazing now isn't it.. i could speculate that i had only used 6 liter++ for a whole week, being 11.112 divided by two, as before i refuel the indicator was two bars. After refueling it went up four bars and now a week later, it goes down by only one bar with three bars remaining. What a splendid achievement now ey.. haha..

Plus i only travel for about 87 kilometers that week, 1120 - 1033. Just look at the total distance shown in the odometer.

Wow.. Myvi is so fuel efficient. Cool eh?

One thing that i haven't try is though, which is to wait until the low fuel warning flashes and refueling the car until full tank and then, calculate how much fuel i'd be using for a week later. Perhaps i should try this. i'll update on this when i'm ready.

Anyway i found a few videos on YouTube that dealt about saving fuel and hyper-miling. i recommend precautions on some of the tips given, do it at your own risks.


in motion said…
leather seats nang xbest lalu
pdn muka
ruki kenishiro said…
dah nya mmg set mcm ya, gne nak molah ngeng.. hehe..
bukan nya x dpt d tukar juak..