My First Car Service..

Yesterday i went to the Perodua Service to make my first Myvi service after reaching 1000km. The funny thing about yesterday was i forgot to prepare for a little bit of cash for the servicing. Luckily before i went out my mom asked me whether i had prepare any cash or not, and when i mention i didn't. She told me that usually for the first servicing, the only free charge is the labour charge.

So i had to borrow some money from her, as i didn't have any fund left in the bank account. Usually i kept my bank account in the minimum amount, whereby i'd transfered most of it into my unit trust account.

Why i did that because i wanted my unit trust account to have as much fund as possible so by the end of the year i'd get more dividend for the next year. Here a tip for operating a ASB unit trust account. "Keep as much fund as possible in a month time, as if you were have to use it and withdraw some of the funds out, the lastest balance will be counted for the dividend of the month" or somewhat something like that.

The downside of this financial strategy is, one can't withdraw it through the ATM. As a unit trust account is not the same as a normal bank savings account. So i'll have to pay back my mom this Monday.

Second part of my story is about the trip meter, before i went out the meter was at 982km. By the time i arrived, the meter was at 1001km. Neat ey? Unfortunately i totally forgot to take a snapshot of the odometer. Damn!

i got there around 930am, already there's quite number of people waiting for their car to be serivce. i waited for almost an hour before my turn.

Waiting for my turn.

And when my number was called, the first thing that i asked was, what the actual amount that i have to pay. So here are the listing:

1. Petronas Syn 5W30 4L at RM 78.50
2. Oil filter at RM 14.50
3. Gasket Drain Plug at RM 5.30
4. ATF Dexron III at RM 38.85

All in all totalling at RM 137.15. i was relieved to hear about it as i have only RM180 cash in hand. That totally save me from embarassment. Anyway, i don't know the fuck about what exactly the servicing and maintainance that was done as i didn't hang around the servicing arear. Honestly i am clueless about cars. Haha..

The next service price would be.

i did took a picture when the mechanic lowered down my car though.

Oh dear, i forgot to wash her! (it's been 3 weeks..)

Anyway, after everything was done, i went back to the office, to do some work.
The actual meter reading right now.

My Saturday was as boring as most of my Saturday. i was at the office to do some work, went back home around 2pm. Got a hair cut before that. Even though now i have my own transport, i don't feel like hanging out, of course due to the fact i have use my money for the car service and gas.

Oh man, my year will be so financially tight..