Finalised Resolutions and Rainy January..

{Actually i was supposed to upload this post earlier today but got caught up with something else so anyway..}

Cometh February..

Wow.. a month has gone from 2009. i have just finalised on my resolutions this year. Yes, you heard me. Just. "Should one have their new year resolution fully thought that out before the start of the new year?" you might wonder. Again, yes i should but somehow i've put up so many things into my list that i have to rethink about my priorities.

Well here's my finalised list of the new year resolutions, better late than never ey?

1. Eat healthier.
2. Do more excercise, get into shape & and pump up my fitness level.
3. Limit and carefully watch out my spendings.
4. Save and try to hit RM3000 by the end of the year.
5. Be more creative & just do it.

Well now that's settle, it is time for me to actually do all the resolutions through out this year. Even if it's a small list, but a big commitment in my part to make sure i won't stray away from it.

The new year seem to start rather badly here. As it started with quite a rotten weather. It has been raining constantly for the whole month already. i think we had just about a few days of sunshine before the rain clouds pour itself out again.

Things that are affected by the heavy rains:

1. Flash floods due to ineffective drainage systems.
2. Full blown floods due to the burst of river banks, in the other part of the Sarawak state.
3. Landslides.

1. Clothes not fully dry due to limited sunny days.
2. Cars not wash (like mine, pointless to wash actually as it will be dirty again when it rains)
3. Can't go out to play or dates.. haha..

There is one good thing that perhaps i could say about this rainy season, in a sense. When it rains at night, i could get good sleep as the temperature is cool and i don't have to switch on the air conditioner.

Unless there's a treat of flash flood coming into the house. Though fortunately for the past 13 years living in our current home, there's no worry about the flash flood rising and causing trouble for us. i hope it'll stay this way.