Cheers For The Cheap Gas?

Today was somewhat a crappy day for me, although i wasn't in any "trouble" at work but i got caught in the "turbulence". So i too felt the hurricane winds shredded my ears. Anyway enough of that.

i can honestly say that although sometimes i wished i didn't buy the car earlier, then again i couldn't dismissed the fact that i bought at the right time.

Due to the dropping price of fuel.

As i refuel my car today i finally decided to take a closer look at the pricing. RM1.8000 per Liter.. if i'm not mistaken. i refuel RM20 and i got 11.1112 Liter of fuel.
Previously two bars on Sunday. If the meter reached 1 bar, and the low fuel warning lights would flash.

After refueling for RM20, i got..

Four bars, i could roughly estimate this total fuel in tank would be around 20++ liters. Usually i'd use only two bars just to go to work from home and back again. The car could take 40 liter full tank. i have yet to fill it full tank, as i am going to test my experiment to see how much i can save on fuel, by these criterias:

1. Not using air-conditioner for the morning drive to work.
2. Driving with constant speed.

Though i have to figure out the distance between here at home to work, the total distance to and fro, the amount of days the fuel would last before warning signs. i'll get back on this.

Anyway enjoy these two videos that is just cracking me up. Unfortunately embedded was disable, i know such a shame. Just click these links, believe you won't regret it.

Avril Lavigne: Girlfriend in DEATH METAL!
Britney: Baby One More Time in DEATH METAL!