What's Your Fave Starbucks Coffee?

i am recently hooked onto Starbucks' coffee. i have yet to try all of them, although i don't think i would ever do that. How i got hooked onto it was a pretty lame and boring story. Yes, i know nobody wants to hear it, but i'm telling it anyways.

So a couple of weeks ago, while waiting for my parents at the Miri airport who were coming back home from Kuching after sending my younger brother to his college, i decided to try Starbucks. i don't actually know when they set up there as previously it was a Nescafe little coffee corner.

My fave cup of espresso coffee have always two:

  1. Capuccino

  2. Cafe Mocha

So being a newbie i just place an order for a cafe mocha, without ever know what the price would be. i was shocked to find out that they gave me the largest cup, which they called Venti, but surprisingly a good cup of coffee or to be exact, a cup of cafe mocha, to go of course; i was in a hurry.

i took several brochures home and realised that i can customised and make my own drink. Well after that the rest is history. Today i bought a cup plus chocolate donuts/doughnuts/bagel?! after work. Damn that coffee is so pricey, RM15. Perhaps i should open my own specialized coffee shop, i might make a lot of money from it.. Not!

Anyway, now here's my "custom" cafe mocha would be:

  1. Cafe Mocha: Venti of course, regular is just not enough for me.

  2. Extra Espresso Shots

  3. Whole Milk

  4. With Cream

  5. Extra Hot

What's your custom Starbucks cup? Perhaps i'll try your "custom" taste.


i'm going to try the Coffee Bean's and the San Francisco version soon.


in motion said…
big apple dh bkak blom kt miri ya?