My 2009 Business Plans..

i've been really rather unproductive in terms of updating blog post recently. It's not that i've not been connecting or using the internet, i do. In fact i logged onto the internet everyday. It's just that i don't feel like writing anything at all.

i should start be productive from now on. Ppfff.. like if.. haha.. No, i should update more frequently so that i'll get more traffic hence a better chance of getting income from the ads. Especially when i only get $0.001 per 1000 impression. i should stop being lazy, if i want to make a living out of blogging. Oh man, thats gonna be hard work..

So anyway..

i have so much plan for not just this 2009 year but also the years coming up ahead. i don't know whether i can materialize all of them but i sure heck have to really work hard from now on. Some of my plan seems to be far fetched in my standard, but if other people can do it, why can't i right?

Among the other plans thats currently been lingering in my head are:

  1. Online T-Shirt Store
  2. Online Dress Fabric Store
  3. Freelance Photography in collaboration with my soon-to-be-graduate-photographer sister, i'll be handling the demand, logistics and what not.
However, i'm still in the researching process. i'm still looking to find ways of getting the capital for starting any of my business plans. i don't want to just jump into one without considering the risks and problems that i might face in the future. i want to have a backup plan so that my startup business wouldn't just bite the dust early.

Though, i won't be starting a business anytime soon. i have a lot to learn before deciding on anything. i have looked into several different websites that seems to be so simplistic that in my calculation, i could use the same bussiness plan without using huge budget in hand.

Well, thats a few of my plans for 2009.