Interesting Lunch..

i had lunch with someone who seems to have some kind of interest in me today. No, i'm not saying this just for the bragging rights. Rather, i kind of have a feeling in my guts that she seems eager to know more about me since our first meeting. No, our first meeting was not romantic, it's just plain meeting, not meeting like a formal meeting or office meeting but just like "Hi.. nice to meet you" meeting.

i do hope you guys catch my drift, because i don't drift, my car's automatic, meaning it's not good for drifting.

Anyway, what was i'm talking about again? aahh.. yes my lunch. Due to the fact that today was the start of working day after two days off from Chinese New Year Holiday, our lunch was a bit of in a hurry.

Well, being the "man" and the one that invited her to lunch, i paid everything. It's not that i'm complaining, i was just stating the fact that being the one that asked her out so i should do the obvious.

So again anyway, like i said, our lunch was a bit of in a hurry. i was working and i didn't have the luxury of taking my sweet time with her. i find it quite hard and kind of a little pressure to find topics and things to talk about with her. i was so afraid that i might bore her to death. Also the fact that i had only ONE precious hour to spend time with her made me even more nervous that i might end up just eating with her without any meaningful conversations.

Hhmm.. meaning conversations? what exactly do i mean? haha.. i honestly don't know.

A few things that cross my mind that i wanted to ask or say to her that i felt wasn't the right moment or time to ask a girl during lunch:
  1. Wow, your lips are just sparkling.. Do you wear lip gloss? ( the thought of what it would feel like kissing her lips also cross my mind but i just ignored it )
  2. i like your hair, so straight and nice.. ( the thought of wanting to run my hands between them is just so stupid, but i did thought about it, i was like come on, it's just the second "meeting" )
  3. i'm intimidated by the way you look at me, as if you see right through me.. ( quite hilarious actually, the reason being, she 5 years younger than me and she has the confidence to hold herself together was making me nervous! )
  4. Why do you find me interesting? Because i don't think i am unique in anyway.. ( What a stupid thought now isn't it? )

Well, what can i say about that lunch?

i think that it is quite interesting and delighted to know that there is someone out there that finds me interesting. It's has been a while to come across such a person like her. Honestly, i don't where would this leads to. i may have to ask her out again, maybe this time for breakfast, coffee, another lunch or dinner perhaps.

To sums up my day;

Wow.. it's so good to know that i might still have that little
bit of a charm. Sweet...

P/s: Did i hear someone barfing?