Hopes And Dreams For The New Year.

"Comfortable and In Control" is the term i borrowed from football commentators in which the way that i wanted my new year to be. i want my life next year to be much better than the last year.

In Control : This year i want to be in control of my life. As most of the time last year, i was not in control and felt as if i was push around like grass in the wind.

Comfortable : Beside being able to be in control of my life, i want it to eventually be as comfortable as i want it to be. Even if there's challenges and troubles that comes my way, i hope that i can ease and tackle it with confidence and make my life easy.

Love/Realationship : i've mentioned two rejections before. Perhaps my timing wasn't right, perhaps i'm just too eager for steady relationship that i might have ruin my chances. Haha.. Love have to be mutual, i have to accept that fact. What the point of loving someone so much when your're feeling is only one way, right?

However both have been a great friend before and even after rejection, i don't want to lose a great friendship just because i can't be in a relationship with them. The only thing that i can do right now is pray for their happiness, and perhaps it's for the best.

Financial : Things will be really tight early on for me this year. In fact, if my calculations and budget planning are correct, i may have to endure the shrinking budget right until half of the year. Man.. i have to really sacrifice a lot of things. i can't simply spend like previous years. i have to carefully spend only on the nessesary.
Oh what a long 5 months that will be..

New Year Resolution : Still working on it, i've decided to change my list drastically from last year. Instead of minimising my goal and making seemingly unobtainable target, i'm currently making a list of many small, easy to achieve yet important goals.

instead of generally stating a goal like; Start saving.
i'm setting a clear goal that i can keep track of like; Save RM3K ($840USD) by the end of the year or Save RM150 ($40USD) each month.

Well that's just an intro of my new year hopes and dreams. Hopefully tomorrow i can continue with this topic and perhaps post about my new year special gift! Woohoo..