Going To Be Sick & Who The Hell Is She?

Although with the new car and all. i don't feel like going out today. The reason being, i think i'm going to be sick again. So unfortunate for me for the fact that i'm still recovering from my flu, i caught about a week ago. Probably i could say that there's my fault too because of my refusal to see a doctor or at least take some kind of medicine. i honestly believe that i could get better myself without ever relying on modern medicine.

Actually i never like a visit to the doctor's, same goes to my 2 younger siblings. i usually take extra dosages of multi-vitamins and vitamin C tablets in order to combat any kind of minor fever or sickness that i got. i know, it's so stupid right?

This morning i got up feeling hot and aches all over my body. My mouth felt dry and my head felt heavy. Also the fact that i woke up late didn't help either. So the whole day i just stayed at home surfing the net and wathicng TV.

Speaking of surfing the net. i came across this pic of a very beautiful girl from a website but the stupid website failed to mention who she is. The only clue that i have is she's an up and coming actress/artist. i'm totally love her.. uumm.. smile, seriously. Honestly i think she's so cute. Anyone knows?

So cute isn't she?