2009: A Brand Spankingly New Year Present.

This post was supposed to be up much earlier than today, but due to me caught flu from who knows where, i had to delay and redo it all over again. Haha..

So anyway..

i'll start off by saying that seriously, i'm not intentionally bragging but since that it happened so here goes. My 2009 has started with a Bang! i did mention last year that i wanted to get my own car. Well i did, got my own car.

Please click the picture to see it in all its glory. My new GF: Myvi SE 2008

Yes, i know. With the current economic situation, i should've at least wait for the uncertainties to subside. Actually i booked the car much much earlier, before the crazy economic slowndown throughout the final months of 2008 began. i booked my Myvi Special Edition on the 13/10/08.

That decision was an act of impulse. Actually i just went to the showroom with the intention of only to look around, but damn that sweet talk by the salesman got me hooked and i went on to book my first car.. haha.. quite a funny experience ey?

For about 2 months plus i had to patiently wait for my car, dreaming about it when i go to sleep at night. Then sometimes regretting my decisions due to the fact that i still have three other loans to settle. Then again most of the time i would smile to myself thinking about where i should drive around in my brand new car.

Cometh 31/12/08 i got the call from my salesman telling me to pick up the car, and in my head, i went totally nuts with joy, excitement and whole lot of other feelings that rushed throughout me. So that's how the story was. A great new year present for myself, WOOHOO!

i am grateful for this good fortune of course, don't get me wrong.

Although it will be really really tough and tight for me financially for the first 5 months this year. All that i can do is hang tight and really watch out for my financial for unnecessary spending.

2009 Wish Lists

1. Buy A New Car For Myself: (check)