The Lamest Unrequited Love Story Ever Told

This entry would sound soo fucking lame.
Like any other previous post about my love life.

i find it rather amusingly stupid, this fate of mine. To be specific, my love life, my hopeless love, my unrequited love, and whatever the terms that suits my seemingly unfortunate and pointless search for a companion. In modern lament terms, a girlfriend.

It seems that whenever i found someone that i really like, someone that i adore so much, and when i develope any kind of feelings for her, it never turn the way that i hoped.

Unrequited love.

Unrequited love have been a big big part of my damn fucking life so far. Since like.. fucking forever. Strange how the pain of a broken heart can actually erase all the sweetness of falling in love. It's so unfair.

i don't think i've ever been love by a girl that i'm in love with. Period. So sad isn't it? Although i sometimes laugh at myself being the fact i'm soo emotional and sensitive. EMO.. like kids nowadays though my story are not pretentious as theirs. My views are totally different, i'm searching for a life companion, and yet to find one.

Amusingly Stupid & Lame Unrequited Love Tale.

i usually try to humour myself and in hope that the pain of my unrequited love would cease and left me altogether. Where this technique would sometime work and other time don't.

These past two years would make a great story to tell.. to someone whose interested. Okay, it's LAME, i know but bear with me.

i became close friend with two different girls. One mid 2007 and the other early 2008. Not at the same time, mind you. i felt that if there's a girl that would live her life with mine then these two girls would have the characteristic and personality that i found suited me.

Though unfortunately. i always fell in !@#$ with my best girl friend. These two girl became a close and a great friend, and i screw that friendship by saying, "i want us to be more than just.. friend".

i don't know.

i honestly don't know. Whether it is in my psyche or whatever the term is, i felt that i can't distinguish the meaning of "a close friend" and "a girlfriend". i always mix the two up, and to an unfortunate outcome.

With the two girls that i mentioned, both were hesistant to my proposal and left me heartbroken. Perhaps i'm just too desperate to find someone, perhaps i'm being too pushy/eager, or perhaps the best explained that i ALWAYS misinterpret their closeness.

Silly me.