Working In The Weekend? What? Superb French Beatbox On Nouvelle Star..

Saturday is not a working day for some companies, and the Malaysian goverment servant of course but i decided to go down to the office and finish my "outstanding" works. By "outstanding", i do not mean a very good job, rather my work that is "outstanding", piling up like.. something really tall.. sorry i can't think of a suitable comparison.

Although today(Saturday) is our payday, but i have no plans of going out. As i need to save for the uncertainties of the coming months. My next monthly budget is not looking as rosy as before. i am in no longer liberty of spending as much as i used to.

Even though i'm working on Saturday but i can't claim any overtime. *SIGH*


Back at home around 2pm and like any other weekends, i went online. What i found on YouTube, is simply amazing. This French human beatbox is amazing.