Top Of My Wish List: Getting A Myvi 2008 Special Edition

This is the car that i really really wanted to get. Well the only one that i can afford that is. Currently on the top of my wish list.

Although Myvi SE is not really that cheap, whereby it cost around RM50K ++. Still it's worth the buy due to it's compact yet comfortably spacious size.

Please bear in mind that Myvi have been around since 2005, in which it meant, there's a lot of after market spare parts. A Myvi owner can choose his/her own ways to modified their ride. Now isn't that exciting? Well to certain people of course.

There are people who just love to customize their ride to an unbelievable/incredible looks. Well Malaysians are known to love to customize their ride. Some into such ridiculous and down right stupid looks but there are lots of beautifully modified car.
Like this one, a Lamboghini style vertical door. All that i can say is just this, "Awesome!"

Of course this is not Myvi by the way, rather it is Myvi cousin, a Daihatsu Sirion. Yup, that meant Myvi can be modified this way too, FREAKN COOL!