Reviewing My Coming Monthly Budget

In the coming months i'll have to adjust my monthly budget. As there would be one major item i'll be attending for the coming years. Yup, it's a commitment that i'll have to shoulder. Well.. Like a friend of mine said, "it's part of growing up and taking new responsibility."

Well currently my monthly bills/errands/payments are as follows:

1. CIMB personal loan: RM 240 - End on October 2009
2. Personal loan (2nd): RM 223 - End on April 2009
3. PC Loan: RM 150 - End on July 2009
4. Insurance: Takaful Insan: RM 96
5. Insurance: ING: RM 50
6. MAKNA: RM 38
7. Telekom: RM 140
8. Astro: RM 94
9. PTPTN: RM 50
10. 013: RM 30 - Prepaid la..
11. 016: RM 30 - Prepaid la..
12. ASB/ASW: RM 200

Totaling amount: RM 1341.

No, that's not the actual or the exact figure as i didn't add my OUM study expenses yet and also my own personal expenses, in which i deliberately excluded. For my current study expenses i'm still using the amount i've withdrew from my EPF using the education scheme. So there are still balance left, that is until that balance finish then i'll have to pay my study expenses on my own again.

Secondly, the fact that i'm still living with my folks makes my own personal & living expenses are not included inside my monthly budget. i'm so lucky now am i?

Though like i said before, my current budget would change dramatically in the coming months and years to come, as i'll be adding one major item to it. So perhaps i have to cut back on a really fucking lot of things. Yup, i have to be more modest/moderate than i already am. Seriously, i really do scrutinize every big & little things i've spend my money on. Soon i'll be more stingy than ever..

Damn, if only i'm making additional money from blogging, then at least i have a little breathing space. Perhaps i should change my ads or rearrange my ads placement.

Oh well.. perhaps i should look into other options of money making scheme.. Any suggestions?