Listening To John 5: Requiem While Trying To Finish OUM Assignment..

Aaahhh.. God damn it!

i'm supposed to email my assignment to my online tutor today. Unfortunately i'm having trouble finishing it. i can't seems to find the suitable conclusion for my argument/opinion/answer of the subject matter. Haha.. Usually when a student have this kind of problem, it's either the student does not understand fully about the subject or the student does not possed adequate information concerning the subject itself or most probably both.

Tomorrow/today(Saturday 08/11/08), i'm going to Miri Lambir National Park to attend the Nature Camp as a facilitator for the weekend. i'm thinking of bringing my laptop there in order to continue to finish my assignment but i don't i'd have the time anyway. So i'm deciding to finish it tonight by all means necessary. Gosh.. another sleepless night..

Also while trying to find some kind of divine inspiration, i'm hooked with John 5 formerly of Marilyn Manson and formerly of Rob Zombie, latest offering of guitar driven instrumental album. Though i doubt that by listening to progressive-country-metal-rock-whatever music would help me get inspire, but it sure hell good for head banging.

The song that i'm currently playing over and over again is, The Judas Cradle. It has an epic sound to it with a flavour of sorrow into it. It start with a simple finger picked guitar, and then straight into heavy guitar riff followed by smooth yet melancholic solo. This song in my imagination represent a feeling of bleak and sorrow, which was helped by the gothic keyboard and bells. It's has that longing feeling to it, like a lost love, waiting for an answer though there's no answer to it.

The time is 2am, i can't think anymore.. i better off to sleep and just text my tutor for an extention tomorrow.