Friendster Magically Deleted And Disappearing Contacts And Friends.

When i woke up this morning, fire up my laptop and logged on to the internet, i was presented with a little surprise.

No, i didn't get instantly rich, although i really wish it were so.
No, i didn't get a message from some hot chick wanted to be my girlfriend, although i really do wish some lucky day, someone would.
No, i didn't get an offer to work in a very relax and fun enviroment from the biggest and best employer ever on the face of this earth aka Google, although i think i would apply for a job there.
No, i didn't get an email from my hopeless love Fari2 saying she ready to accept my love.

It was when i logged into my Friendster's account, i got my shocking surprise.. from around 200 people in my friend lists, i was left with only 12.

After researching on the internet, i realised that i wasn't the only one that have experienced this problem. The missing friends or magically deleted friends were the results of the user logging in during the schedule maintainance. Usually the front page would show their maintainance alert during schedule maintaince, though somehow the are times that user are presented with the normal page.

It is during this time that the unsuspected user like me would think that the schedule maintainance have already done and logged in as usual. If the unsuspecting user experience slow down or their page are not responding upon clicking, that meant the schedule mainatainance aren't fully finish.

As a result of that the user would experience magically deleted or disappearing contacts and friends.

Unfortunately, i don't have the solution on how to revert this problem, the users would have to refer back to Friendster tech support. Me in the other hand would wait and see the outcome of this strange incident.

Although i do get some kind of reassurance from the Friendster team, they are not entirely oblivious with my problem and have informed me through a notice on my profile which read;

Your friends list may be inaccurately displayed. Please be assured your
friends list will be accurate soon. - Friendster Team

i do hope to see most if not all of my friends return safely. haha!

Anyway, here is what i've wrote on my profile before i realised that the Friendster Team was fixing it.

Dear all my disappeared friends..
It seems that after the friendster
schedule maintainance, you guys have disappeared from my lists. it is so
unfortunate that the supposed maintainance that should make frienster a better
site have mistakenly deleted you guys from my lists. again unfortunately due to
the fact i didn't keep any of your emails, so if by any chance you guys
remembers me, please do add me again.. just sent me a smile or a message, and
i'll send you guys my email.

out of 200 of you guys, only 12 survive the
tragedy.. if you guys do survived the carnage, contact me as soon as possible
before my memory betrays me.