Friendster Deleted All My Friends In My Friends Lists..

Yup, like what the title said, i am totally friendless right now.. well only in my Friendster's account that is. Strangely enough, before last Saturday, i had about close to 200 people in my friend's list. After the weekend schedule maintainance, i had 12.

Today when i checked my account with hope that my lists were restored, unfortunately i was entirely surprise to that ALL of my friends in my friends list are now gone!


So i am totally friendless in my Friendster's account. Hah! Anyway that didn't at all bothered me, but the thing that bothered me the most, is my lack of motivation to do anything. In fact i felt so lazy and uninspired to anything, even doing my OUM revision. My OUM final exam date for the paper i'm taking right is 5th of December, which is like just two weeks away, and i didn't felt compel to study. Gosh..

So anyway, i have to say, today, my hopeless love Fari2 looked so lovely. i like her better when she straighten her hair. i think i've dropped my heart somewhere when i saw her. Hopefully i won't lose it. Man, what am i talking about..