My Life 101..

There's a lot of pending things that i have to do but didn't. One of the major task that i'm supposed to do is finish my OUM assignments. As i am currently taking a distance learning course aka part time studying in Diploma in Information Technology. i was supposed to do it tonight (now currently blogging 15 minutes past midnight), but i was "preoccupied" watching TV.

God damn it! Why is it there's so many distractions?

Anyways here some tips for those who wishes to study and work at the same time by taking courses from Open University Malaysia.


1. Do your assignments as soon as it came out online. Usually two or a week before 1st tutorials.
2. Read you modules, as all the questions are from there. So simple and easy now isn't it?
3. Participate in the online discussions. Its 5% of marks there people! Just make sure your participations are worth to be discuss. When you post things like, "Have anyone done their assignments yet?" it's pointless. Post answers or questions such as "What are you thoughts on _______?". Do post more than 10 participations, then you're save to say your 5% are secure.


1. Do you assignments so close to due date, as there would be no quality in your assignments as you are rushing now isn't it?
2. Start to discuss and read your modules close to final exam week. You're sure to fry your brain now my friends.
3. Didn't submit your assignments, just remember, in some paper/subject, it carries 50% marks.
4. Didn't participate in the online forum, bear in mind when you're borderline between failing or passing, or between B grade or A, usually 5% is a lot.

How do i came up with this tips? The reason is i have done a lot of "Don'ts" and it really hurted my fucking grade! So if you guys wanted to study part time, please do it properly and whole heartedly unlike me! So sad now isn't it? i'm giving you guys tips but i myself didn't apply it.

So anyways.

The coming months and year to come, it'll be a lot challenging for me. In all aspects of my fucking life. Damn, i can almost feel the stress and hardship to come. When i mention all aspects of life, i meant them in these categories:

1. Love/Relationship
2. Financially
3. Work/Career
4. Study

As per categories above.

1. Love/Relationship

As i've repeatedly mention in my previous posts, i have special feeling towards my best friend. i have mentioned it to her, yet she rejected me as she didn't see me as a potential bf. i did however told her that i'm willing to wait for her to accept me.

Though now, i don't think i could bear the frustration that continues to devour me from inside. i seriously feeling hopeless.

i don't know how to move on, as unfortunately it seems that she long did so. God, this is pointless now isn't it?

2. Financially

i am seriously considering moving or changing for a better paid jobs. As in my long term view, some how my salary seems to be not enough. Although sometimes i do think that perhaps my spending VS needs VS necessity VS desire lifestyle have totally change due to increase in income. Perhaps i should be a lot more moderate.

Though, still with the qualifications that i posses, there are no really much choices that i could look for in higher paid jobs. Which is why i am studying part time, so that i could have broader choices.

If only i could make at least roughly the same income from blogging, then it'll be great eh? i could do it fulltime plus other business on the side. A small pisang goreng stall perhaps. Who knows..

All that i need as a stable and safe breathing space for an income is roughly RM2k monthly($570USD). i've heard that online business is the way to go, and i'm willing to jump into the bandwagon.

3. Work/Career

Keyword here is STRESS.

i know.. i know.. Other people experience it too, and i should be grateful that i even have a job. Yes, i agree with that notion 110%, yet bear in mind, there are a lot of other and probably much much more greener pastures out there.

All that one need is the will to find it. Seriously though.. and i do mean seriously, as i grew older everyday, all i want is less stress in my work in order for me to enjoy my job even more. Perhaps if i enjoy my work more, i can be more productive and a better employee.

Again, this is where the thoughts of my making own business came to be. i really think online business is the best choice, i can be my own boss eh?

4. Study

i study because i want to better myself. i want to have more choices in life. i want to be better equipped for the uncertain future to come. This is where i should focus on right now if i wanted the things i've mention above to become a reality.

Knowledge is the KEY to success.

i'm learning each and everyday, let's pray i'll come up on top.

As you guys can see.. my life is somewhat in a certain path already. All that i need now is too shake things up, wake up and rise above the rest in order to achieve success. What do you think?