The New Perodua Facelift Myvi Special Edition 2008: Rule The Road

i have to postpone my Hari Raya post for a moment to inform you guys, whoever you are; have any interest with my blog or this topic or not; for this breaking news. The highly anticipated (for my part only, that is) the revision of the new facelift Myvi, the 2008 Myvi Special Edition would be launched on the 10th of October 2008!


Yup, you've heard it here. The new facelift Myvi will have a new special edition, and it's coming out very soon. 4 days and counting(down). Here's the pics to feast your eyes.

Super Nice!
Leather Seats! (Just like previous SE)
Tacho Meter, wish that they put the blue ones like the 1.3l Premium.
i swear i could see USB and Bluetooth support somewhere in there!
Nice rims, nothing new.
Cool Spoiler and awesome tail light!
Smoked head light?!
New Foglamp
Yup.. confirm.. Special Edition.

Though there's a few things that kind of making me still fully undecided about seriously getting my own car.

1. i've worked so hard to save the budget for the car.
2. It's not that really necessary and important to get my own car.
3. i could use my mom's Atos or my dad's Wira.
4. i have 10 months left to pay for my personal loan.
5. i have 8 months left to pay for my computer loan.
6. i still yet to fully save 10% for the downpayment.

Like what i said above, after working so hard to save some budget for the car, i felt like it's not really that necessary and important that i got to have my own car. i kind of didn't want to spend that hard earned money. i can always use the two of my parents car. Well, you know how the saying goes, "you lose some you gain some".

Though the fact that i still have my personal and computer left to pay is really holding me back. i can only afford to pay around rm500-600 monthly, any more than that then i would be seriously broke. haha.. Which is why i should get the 10% downpayment ready. i could get a full loan for the car but that would meant i have to pay around rm600-750 monthly, and i certainly couldn't pay that amount every month.

So to make my story and dilemma short, my only options right now are either:

1. Get the 1.3l premium, where it is somewhat cheaper.
2. Just be freaking patience, save enough money and wait until next year.

Here's the math:

1. Perodua New Myvi EZi Premium - 1300cc Auto(Miri pricing): RM 51,398.00 (Colour:Solid)
2. Perodua Myvi Special Edition Auto(Current, Miri pricing): RM 53,990.00 (Colour:Solid)
3. Perodua Myvi 2008 Special Edition Auto: i can expect the price would around RM 55-57K.

Yup, can't wait to see the actual car with my own eyes and feel it with my own fingers and sit in it with my own butt?! Muahaha.. such a bad description now isn't it? Anyway take a look at the previous Myvi special edition promotional commercial.

Here are the link from Perodua itself promoting the Special Edition, teaser of course:

Rule The Road!

and my fav:

Till then ciao! Tell what you think about this topic.