Decisions?! Could've i Think All Of Them Throughly?

i have to confess to you.. anyone (if there's any) that's reading my blog, lately i'm feeling kind of lost. You know..

The empty feeling that when it crept in, you're bound to feel down all the way. Actually i really have know idea why i'm still depressing over the rejection that i had. Sometimes i tell myself, "Come on now, it's too early to say that she's gonna stay long with him". Though the thought of she being with him didn't do much help, rather it worsen my already hurted feelings.

Anyway, for these past two weeks, my life have been topsy turvy, if not, close to it. The thing about it is, the major decision that i've made. One of which i kind of have some regret to it. Yup.. regret..

As far as i concern, regret for any decisions is the least that i need right now. Of course there's a win lose situation whenever such decisions are to be made, and when such decisions involve money, everything takes a whole lot of thinking to do.

Yet i still did it. i have taken out RM3K from my savings.

For what purpose? Well i can only tell when the timing is right. Sometimes when i went to sleep, i wish i could've think it through before coming to a decision. Unfortunately, at the time my decisions was purely at the spur of the moment. i didn't analyze my options properly and throughly.

Oh well, what done is done. All that i can do is waiting for outcomes that the future will throw itself at me.


Redbloodsnow said…
perhhh!!! taken out 3K from ur saving??? ehemmm ehemmmm....mintak mek ckitttttttttttttttttttt lowk...hehehe

ruki kenishiro said…
eeeee.. x malu eh mintak blanja dr kmk..

kalau mok ktk mesti jd date kmk g candle light dinner lok k..

muahaha.. tak malu sungguh ow..