Waiting For My Downloads To Finish..

i'm waiting for my downloads to finish, god damn it, why can't it be any faster? It's already 1am!
What exactly am i downloading?
Well porn off course..
Nah.. Just kidding..
Actually it's a video of Teardrop covered by Newton Faulkner.
i heard the acoustic version of the Massive Attack song on the season finale of House and i couldn't get the song out of my head. So i began to search for it through out YouTube.
i think Newton Faulkner cover version is the "easiest" to learn. Just have to mind my strummings, string tappings and alternate finger pickings.
Wish i have that awesome awesome guitar though, looks like a Breedlove guitar.
Crystal clear sounding, enough bass and high mids. Awesome guitar, probably cost a fortune too.

Enjoy the video okay.

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