Modest And Simple Hari Raya To Come..

Yup, this year Raya festive season will be my modest and simple ever. i've spent perhaps almost nothing on anything that is for this Hari Raya. Even my dad sponsored my Baju Melayu this year. He bought for us siblings, himself and my mom, our Raya clothes. i didn't have to shell out a dime, or in Malaysia's terminology sake, a cent.

i didn't buy any new clothes or new shoes, nothing whatsoever. Usually this time of year, i'd buy a lot of things, and mostly not even relevant for the festive season. Things like:

1. New work/formal clothes.
2. New pair of shoes.
3. New pair of jeans.
4. New wristwatch.
5. New gadgets.

Does anyone got to have a new pair of shoes ever Hari Raya? i always hear people says that at least you'd buy something or buy just for the sake of it. i realize that what's the point of it? You're only overspeding on the unnecessary things.

i'm starting to better manage my budget, spending and saving. Actually a week before i've had my bonus but i decided against spending it and opt to save it in my ASB instead.

Anyway what did i actually get/bought for this comind Hari Raya? Well to tell you the truth.. Nothing. Like i said, i only bought Baju Melayu and my dad paid for it.. Such a cheapskate now isn't it?