Modest And Simple Hari Raya Season Ever..

i have yet to buy new baju melayu for the soon to come Hari Raya. Somehow it seems to me that this year Hari Raya season lack the eagerness and anticipation that one would usually feel. Even on national TV there's lack of the heart wrenching or funny or wackiness Hari Raya commercial. Usually Petronas would came out with excellent Hari Raya commercial and shows it a month before and through out the Ramadhan month, but i don't notice any Petronas Hari Raya commercial yet.

Perhaps this festive season was spoilt by the stupid stupid stir in the politics arena by DSAI. Why is he in such a desperate mode to become a prime minister anyway? Just show us your "excellent leadership" with your current five states by proving to us, rakyat, that you can govern much better that the current leadership, and perhaps in the next election, rakyat would choose you as a leader instead. Actions usually speak louder than just words Datuk Seri, and i know you know that too. You have just ruin the feeling of the festive season with your antics megalomaniac politics.

Coming back to my situation though, i remember back when i was still a kid, usually our family would have already have a pair or so Hari Raya clothes by now. Specialy tailored for the festive season. Perhaps also the fact that i'm saving for my own car have dented the budget a bit of this year Hari Raya.

Oh well, i could have just buy a ready made store bought clothes. Though that would feel awkward, perhaps not the right choice of would, but nevertheless bears almost the same meaning. i prefer choosing my own baju melayu fabric before sending out to local tailor. As i prefer a cooler and smooth fabric for my baju melayu. My two ready made store bought baju melayu last year was not cool and not really have that comfortable fit feeling than the tailor made baju melayu.

Maybe i'll spent more next year.

The usually wishlist for Hari Raya like:
1. A new Songkok.
2. A new Samping.
3. A pair of Baju Melayu.
4. A pair of shoes.

Now i don't have the eagerness anymore to spend my own money to buy any of it. Of course maybe i'll just buy one this weekend just for the sake of it, once a year festive spending. Though that is a big just. i have made up my mind to save for the car. Perhaps i can persuade my dad to buy one for me..Hahaha.. such a cheapskate..