LGKU990 Viewty Does Not Support Micro SDHC 4GB

i bought a Kingston 4GB Micro SDHC class 4 in about a week ago with hope that Viewty would support it. Unfortunately after a week or so trying to figure and test it out. i can safely draw my conclusion that LG Viewty does not support 4GB Micro SDHC class 4 memory card.

Perhaps the highest that LG Viewty could support is 4GB Micro SD card, not a SDHC version. Though i don't think there is a 4GB Micro SD card.

i'm hoping that the Viewty engineers, designers, software coders, or who ever that is responsible in making the awesomeness of LG Viewty could change a few things that i felt vital in making LG Viewty much much more powerful.

Such as:

1. Unlimited SMS storage. i hate to delete SMS every now and then so that i wouldn't hit the limit 300 SMS.
2. Support SDHC by updating the firmware.
3. Increase the capacity of the battery to perhaps 1500mAH.