Friendster's New Blogging Platform.

i realised that Friendster have updated their blogging software/template/platform. Their previous one was so limited in functionalities and not really user friendly.

Upon looking at it in a glance, i somehow felt the platform is much like blogging platform. So i decided to edit my previous blog at Friendster in which i had abandon to move to blogger platform.

i have to say Friendster did wonders to their new blogging platform. The newly updated blogging platform have much more functions and user tweakability. i have also been able to link and import my main blog at blogger into Friendster's.

Tutorials on how to import your blogger's blog into Friendster's coming up tomorrow.

So take a look at my new facelif friendster's blog, and surprisingly automatically rename itself in accordance with my blogger's blog;

Although i won't be abandoning my blogger's blog but the fact that i can import it into my Friendster's blog is very much welcome. So all i can say is well done Friendster!