Battling My Spending Wish Lists Temptations..

Really really late night.
Festive Hari Raya is just around the corner.
There's a lot of temptations to spend on anything else but the necessary. Myself for instants, after spending the Saturday window shopping for the festive season, i find myself wanting to spend on everything i know that are just unnecessary and pointless.

Let see what are my wishlists for this festive Hari Raya that is just totally not in anyway relevance for that day.

i want to buy:

1. Phillips mini home theater/Hi-Fi, with USB playback, DVD and Divx, WMA, MP3s capabilities at Courts Mammoth.
2. Krupps Expresso machine at Courts Mammoth.
3. New shoes.

Lots more that's seems to slip my mind out of sleepiness. i should go to bed now.