Top 8 Signs That i Am Getting Older

Today it occured to me that somehow i felt a lot older than i was yesterday. i have no idea why that i suddenly felt this way. After done much reminiscing and thinking, i've compile my top 8 reasons why i suddenly felt that way. So here goes, this is:

ruki kenishiro's Top 8 Signs That i Am Getting Older.

No 8: i No Longer Want To Look Cool.
Yup, honestly, way back when i was still in school, brand was top priority. i was so keen to buy clothes that are brandy. Just so that i could show off to the people at schools that i afforded to buy such things. Now, i prefer good looking design, affortable price and comfort.

No 7: i Began To Worry About My Savings In The Next 10 Years.
i am really worried that i can't seem to save some fund for the future. There's always something that came up and i had to withdraw it out.

No 6: i Grew Moustache and Beard or Goatee In Just Three Days!
i honestly laughed at myself when i remembered back in school that i wish i had grown a goatee so that i'd looked mature. Now i 'd rather shave them off so that i'd looked "younger"! WTF?!

No 5: i Have Back Ache?!
WTF?! i used to laugh at my parents whenever they asked me to massage their backs(yup, i'm a good massager, i have not the slightest idea where i learned it). Now, when i'm not sitting in the right posture, i have back pain! Gosh.. i can't slouch any more.. Damn it!

No 4: i Need Coffee Or Capuccino To Get Me Going..
Yup.. Caffeine is my bestfriend right now. i need a caffeine fix every morning, evening and night.

No 3: My Friends/Relatives/Cousins My Age Whose Already Married And Have Kid or Kids Told Their Children To Call Me Uncle..
WTF?! Shut Up! Shut Up! Stop It! i'm not that old yet..

No 2: i Need To Jot/List Down Things To Do Because If Not i Would Totally Forget About Them..
WTF?! The strange thing about this is that i would usually remember about the lesser important things to do rather than the urgent ones. Am i losing my memory or something? i certaintly hope not..

No 1: i Am Thinking About Getting Married And Having Childrens..
Muahaha.. Whaaat?? i am feeling rather lonely, and frustrated, not to mention got rejected a couple of times.. Ppfff... i shouldn't think too much about this, as my married friends' advice to me..

Haha.. that was funny now isn't it? i'm not really that old, right? Am i?..
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