ruki kenishiro: The Origin

Here's an interesting story that you might like. Or not.. haha.. How i came to be known as the infamous ruki kenishiro. Yup, infamous.. little to no one knows that name anymore.

So let me take you guys way back to my college days, when i'm was just out from secondary school and being rush to go to college, in LANGKAWI! The private college that i attended to was Kolej Lagenda Langkawi. Well the college there is now ancient history. No more.

i remembered going there all alone, without any of my parents accompanying me. i was 17. i thought to myself, "freakin Wow! i'm actually going to Langkawi by myself with RM3K in my pocket. What if i got mugged? Oh look.. a beautiful chick just smiled and walked pass by me.." and that was how i screwed my priorities. Though chicks wasn't the actual distraction for me, it's..

Wasting money on Counter Strike. Yup, seriously. i wasn't a chick magnet back then well to an extend even now. i was just a couple of months out of school right, and was rush to go to a private college that situated in Langkawi. That makes a lethal combination of NOT SERIOUS in studying.

i have to honestly say that i've wasted a lot of my parents money back then, going around Langkawi for sight seeing and playing Counter Strike at the campus cyber cafe. i remembered the first time i played Counter Strike that i got really dizzy after half an hour playing that i had to run outside the cyber cafe and puked all my guts out just a few feet from the main entrance! Hahaha.. fun times.

Here is where i got my first nickname: rookie. i figured that out myself out of frustration actually. After a couple of months of playing CS, and i still didn't step up my game so i decided to change my nick to rookie. The really strange thing was, after i used that nickname, i finally got better and better. There i met my two awesome mates, Deri and Tarabas, nicknames of course. We were the TRIAD OF FEAR. Deri was really freakin good at sniper. Tarabas was freakin accurate with M16, and i was actually an average skill player but with those two playing with me, i became a really good strategist.

i also got into manga comics, i really really love reading the Rurouni Kenshin and from here i made my name kenishiro. Though i do know there's a rising Japanese movie star by the name of Takeshi Kaneshiro but i really did not copy his name.

So.. ever since then i stuck with rookie kenishiro and later updated into much simpler ruki kenishiro. That is my dear friend, how i got my nickname ruki kenishiro.

This story should've been longer i think, but the fact that i blogging at 1am and feeling sleepy isn't helping. So i'll leave it here for now, if there's a few details that popped up from my memory, i'll post it later. Yeah right.. like there's anyone reading this..