OMG.. Major Sarawak Blackout! WTF?!

The event that experienced by most of Sarawakians yesterday reminded me of the news i've heard in 2003, about the Northeast Blackout. At first i thought it was just a localized blackout, but then i got telephone from my cousin, said that Kuching and Sibu was also hit.

Before it happened, i was surfing the net as usual around 7:45pm. i was alone in the house, my mum and dad was on the way home from pasar malam(night market). i was waiting for my mee hoon and fried chicken, the usual meal that i would buy whenever i went there. It's only that day that i decided not to tag along and stay at home instead.

The incident occurred a few minutes after my parents arrived which was around probably 8:03pm. The funny thing was, their car was just moments after parking in the driveway that suddenly the lights went dimmed and then off.

Half an hour or so after that, we're still in the dark, and my cousin called in telling that the blackout has hit Kuching and Sibu earlier. i think this is the first time that Sarawak has been hit with a major blackout like yesterday.

Today i heard rumours that it was probably a terrorist attempt in conjunction with the Beijing Olympic 2008, which is totally fucked up and stupid. Haha.. Whoever spread the rumours was a total douchebag and a moron. If the rumours has political interest in it, i would consider believing it but my god.. in conjunction with the Olympics? What the point for a terrorist in making that statement? Borneo is thousand of miles away from mainland China.

i have pictures of the blackout, though it is pointless for me to post it here. Well the pictures.. are totally black..out.. get it? Blackout..Dark.. anyone got my joke?

Okay..stupid joke.. like that rumours.. hahaha..