Oh! My Unrequited Love.. Part 3 : Letting Go..

It is the outmost unfortunate that i have to come to this decision, but i have to make it sooner or later, so it might have well be now. Thinking about it make me want to scream on top my lung all the angered curses at the universe. Even if the universe have no part in it. i just want to blame somebody or something other than myself.

i do know that somehow somewhere there was fault that's clearly mine for the outcome of my decision in this unfortunate situation. i could have taken things a fucking whole lot slower. i could have been a fucking lot of patient with assessing the situation, it's probable outcome and how i should deal with it. i should have thought a fucking lot about my words and my actions before i even did any of it.

Unfortunately i could no longer take back i have done. Unfortunately i couldn't turned back the time even though i fucking want it so fucking much. Unfortunately i can't wish for anything to bow and sway to my needs alone. Unfortunate the situation is what it is.

i could force my way upon the impending situation, but honestly everyone knows the cause and effect of the outcome from that action would only be one; DISASTEROUS. For now i could only dream, hope, wish and pray deep in my broken heart that everything would be as i hopefully it'll be.

What the hell am i talking about? LOVE of course, or to be exact; my UNREQUITED LOVE.

It is in the greatest SADNESS and FRUSTRATION i have to do it, i have to let her go. If she is somehow meant to be with me, then perhaps in the future we're would be together. If somehow things would turn out to be as much as i FEAR it turn out to be, so be it. My heart's already broken anyway. i could think a lot of imaginary excuses why things didn't turn out to be as i wanted, but in the end it'll only pleases my already shattered hope. Pppfffttt...

One thing that i hated about letting her go is the fact that the feeling of hurt is almost too much for me to handle..