Oh! My Unrequited Love.. Part 2 : Revealation

Today i had some discussion about my unrequited love tale with a friend i've known since childhood. We discussed the matter through SMS. Actually i wasn't at all wanted to tell her or anyone for that matter about revealing my inner thoughts and feelings conflicts. i did wrote the message to tell her about my situation, then i had second thoughts and decided to delete the message but unfortunately i hit the sent button, rather in LG Viewty case, icon.

Although i was hesistant at first to explain it to her, but i felt that i had to, at least to discussed it with a real person. Rather than just write it here in this blog, where no one's reading.(Actually one person did, my thanks goes out to her too) Gosh.. i hope that nobody, that i know read this. If there is, then i would be soo fucking embarassed with myself.

However, that discussion was a blessing in disguise. She gave me her opinions, thoughts and experiences that really opened my eyes. Thanks a lot Nono..

From what we've discussed, i've listed some key point that i should kept in mind.

1. Some of my actions towards my unrequited love might be considered an obsessive.
2. My jealousy might be baseless.
3. Love can't be force, if so, then there would be an opposite reaction against my initial intention.
Newton's Third Law: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Holds true
even when applied to real relationship matter.
4. Be patient with her, perhaps she rejected me because she wasn't ready for a committed
5. Be prepared to let go, if the courtship didn't work out.
6. There might be someone else out there, don't be afraid to look for her.

Sometimes i wonder whether that i have began to be soo infatuated with her that i've unconciously ignored the fact that she might be upset with some of my actions. So it seems that i have to stop depressing myself about her and just move on.

Yup.. i gotta fill myself with soo fucking lot of patients, courages, and determination to handle the worst kind of rejection.

Oh dear love, why have you forsaken me?