My LG Viewty & BenQ Vista Is Playing Mind Tricks On Me! WTF!

Yup.. WHAT THE FUCK indeed..

i swear that my LG Viewty and my beloved laptop, BenQ Vista loaded are playing mind tricks with me. Probably both of them are conspiring to drive me mad out of my mind. The reason being that last night, i would plugged in my LG Viewty with the laptop to use it as a mass storage to transfer files.

Then this afternoon, when i plugged it in again, i was shocked to see that my LG Viewty was not recognised.

1. i've tried restarting the laptop, it didn't work.
2. i've tried shutting it down properly, it didn't work.
3. i've tried changing the USB connectivity in the Viewty phone settings to Data Service and plugging it in, it didn't work.
4. i've tried changing back the settings to Mass Storage and plugging it back it, still it didn't work.

So i decided to do some research. Here i would like to share my methods of searching for solution to tech problem. It is fairly simple and easy steps.

1. You just have to use keywords and Google. In the Google search box, type, such as "LG Viewty USB Device Not Recognised Vista".
2. Look into the forums of Technology related websites or blogs. Usually there's a lot of people that have the same kind of problem. Just be patient and look through over one by one, most often than not you'd find a few solutions for the same problem.

However, the manner that i got to solve my problem was really really strange and totally and utterly un-tech-like. After an hour or so, after i got tired of reading through out various tech forums. i decided to stop, but before i stop, i decided to update my vista by updating from the Window Update in the control panel folder(Control Panel > Window Update).

The only latest update that is available was Windows Search 4.0. i have no fucking clue what it was but i'd just clicked installed updated and waited. A few minutes later, it was installed and prompted me to restart. i did just that. My laptop rebooted and the update was installed and somehow i had the urged to plug in my LG Viewty. Hey Presto! My LG Viewty was detectable again!

So as you can see my solution was in no such fucking way a "real" solution to the "USB Device Not Recognised" problem. Fortuntely that was solved. The thing is right now, i'm still wondering why the fuck was my LG Viewty not recognised in the first place. i still have no fucking clue.

Yup.. WHAT THE FUCK indeed..