Lazy Monday! Reminiscing The Past..

Yup.. after four days of break from work, i'm currently feeling lazy. Actually i wanted to blog early rather than late in the night. It's 20 minutes past midnight now, unfortunately i don't know whether the time signature that is displayed on this blog post is correct or not. i have no more idea how to rectified it to display the proper time or actual time posted.

Any who, i wanted to blog about something but i can't remember what it was. Probably got distracted while watching House. God i love that show. Gregory House is so annoying yet intelligently entertaining. i have yet to miss any of the show this current season.

Well i think that is what i should be avoiding. Watching a lot of TV. i should watch less TV, and do other things instead. Productive things, enjoyable things, so that it'll help me get my mind active again.

As way back in school i was, not to be bragging, active and creative. i remembered i used to draw and make comics. i remembered participating in performing arts, mostly comedic acts for school events. i joined choral speaking and debating team even represent my school SM Teknik Bintulu.
Gosh.. we're even got second place in choral speaking and debate. God.. we're always lost to SMK Bintulu.. one of our rival schools.

When i was in English Club, my teacher the club advisor encourage me to write and write so that i would become a better writer and perhaps became a successful writer. Oh man.. i was active back in the days.

i was even safe to say that i'm fairly active in sports. i FREAKIN love football. Not good enough to play in the first team though. Though i can say that i am in the first eleven of the second string team, "B" team or better known as "Not-Good-Enough-To-Make-The-First-Cut" team. i did remember playing against the "B" team of SMK Bandar Bintulu. Oh man.. that freaking game was tight, enjoyable and really really good game, unlike the fist fights of the "A" teams. We lost of course but proudly to a small margin, 4 goals against 3.

What change all this years? i don't know.. Honestly don't know..

Work maybe.. Stress.. Stress from work.. Stress from the thoughts of work.. Stress from thoughts of the future.. Stress from thoughts of incomes, careers, relationship.. gosh.. When i reminisced the past, i felt saddened. Why, when and how i changed in all this years..

i'm like a totally different person from i was in school. i felt really really FREAKIN OLD!