How Not To Celebrate And Spend You Birthday Cum Holiday

Yup just like the title said, i am going to tell you guys how not to spend your precious and seemingly special day. As you might have already known by reading my previous posts, my birthday was yesterday(Friday), on the 8th of August of 2008. i'm 26.

If you, who are reading this and somehow stumble upon my blog, is some sort of a believer in numerology. You'd be surprised about the speciality in the coincidence of my birthday this year. Well, firstly the date was 08:08:08. Secondly i'm turning 26, 2 + 6 = 8, thus making it a quardruplet of 8s. Day: 8, Month: 8, Year: 8 and Age: 8.

If you were me, you'd probably planned to make that day a very special one right? You'd probably planned it weeks if not months before hand, to fill it with activities worth remembering and telling your grandchildren to.

Unfortunately my dear readers and friends, you are not me. Let me tell you how i spend my "special day"

1. i woke up late in the morning, around 10am. i was taking annual leaves for two days, from 7th to the 8th.
2. Did house chores, such as doing the laundry.
3. Have brunch, with my favourite cup of instant capuccino and instant noodles.
4. Fire up the laptop and surf the web.

Well... thats just about it, i think. Haha..

It's mindboggling now isn't it?
No special birthday cake.
No special gathering or celebration.
No special someone to celebrate with.
No special activities to remember or worth to tell my grandchildren to. If i were to have children.
Nothing special.. It's as simple as that.

Pathetic and sad isn't it? Yup. Well what's the most frustrating about that day? i was hoping to receive a text message from her, my unrequited love, out of the few people that wishing me happy birthday. Yet nothing from her, not even a missed call. Gosh.. i was planning not to mention or burden my head with the thoughts of her.

So the main thing that i can remember about that day, my birthday on 08:08:08 was, it was a major disappointment and she doesn't even...