How i Battle My Fever & Flu.

i'm coming down with flu today. Probably because i was out in the sun yesterday. i was on leave for a day and had to do some errands. i should've drink a lot of water yesterday, i think my body was overheated yesterday due to dehydration.

Previously before i work in an air conditioned office, i could withstand the outdoor heat. Now, unfortunately, i can't stand it. i also think i got a bit fairer since working indoors. Haha..

i went straight to lie on the couch to take a nap after i got home from work around 6pm. When i woke up around 8pm, i felt my body really really hot. It felt like i was burning. i quickly took my showers to cool off, though an hour or so after that, i felt hot again.

i remember a conversation with HER today, SHE too mentioned to me that she might be coming down with a fever (Can i add that SHE looked so nice today?). Concidence? or might i say fate.. she and i might be sharing a cosmic wave of soulmates..

Nnnaaahhh... i highly doubt it. i fully blame the weather for this. One minute it's scorching hot, next it's raining cats and dogs.

Fortunately i have been able to tell and tuned my body, on how to handle this health situation.

No 1: i usually drink a lot of water, so that the "fever contaminated" liquid in my body would be flush out. i usually drink chill water from the fridge, i felt it worked best to counter act against my rising body temprature. Although my mom, who is a nurse is totally against me, but it's still working for me so i'm just go ahead with this method. However is it recomended that one drink a lot of room temprature water, not the cold ones.

By the time i'm doing this, that'll be a lot of trip to the bathroom. Peepee..

No 2: Take extra multivitamins and extra vitamin Cs. i try not to rely too much on modern medicine. Usually people would take Panadols, Paracetamols or Aspirins, but i rather let my body fight to heal itself.

i fear that my body would be saturated with medicine that it'll get used to that dosage, and perhaps in the future if my fever got slightly worse, huge dosage might be needed. So i prefer that my body healed itself in times of a normal flu or fever. Sometimes before i'm off to sleep while lying on bed, i'll imagine really hard that i could fight and overcome the fever. Usually the next day i'd be well again. Mind over matter is so powerful sometimes.

No 3: Sleep early. Unfortuntely i sometimes break this method, where i should've go to bed around 10pm, but i'd just forgo it and go to bed the usual time, 12am.

Anyway, i should go to bed now, it is getting really late or else my healing process would have little time to do its magic.