Cometh The 8th Hour..

i was supposed to post earlier but somehow i got a bit lazy and distracted by something else. i was also probably thought about it too much that i somehow can't figure out how to say/write about it and how it should be in order.

Though now, i think i should just write this post from the heart, so that it'll be completely honest. Okay, where should i start?

Oh gosh.. something just slipped out of my mind, damn! i can't remember what to write.. hhhmm.. okay.. okay.. i got it back..

First and foremost, my birthday is coming up, and i'll be 26 years old. Gosh.. i really really felt old already. The thing with my birthday this year is the fact that it has that "magic number" kind of thingy. How is that? Well.. it falls on 08-08-08!

Let me show you guys the magic behind my birthday this year.
1. It falls on 08th of August 2008, thus making it presumably a highly "lucky" number.
2. i would be 26 years old, thus making my age 2 + 6 = 8!

Wow.. amazing coincidence isn't it? Sure hell is..

Unfortunately(probably you'd see this coming), i don't really feel the "luck" changing. i didn't see any dramatic changes or even a small one happen. The only few things that somehow struck as odd and bizzarely coincidence are that i kept bumping into the number 8. Such things like:

1. Whenever i signed in or out for work, i would be the 8th person.
2. i woke up before my alarm rang every morning at 6:28am.
3. Whenever i took nap after returning from work, i be automatically awaken at 8pm.

Well, i think that's just about it. Though i really really really soo fucking really wanted my luck in life to dramatically change after my birthday. i hope that the universe would listen to my plee and at least open up some kind of door of hope for me. i remembered watching The Secret a while back, and i've been trying some of the method suggested. i've trying so hard to be in a positive mind, keep thinking positive, wanting a positive outcome and wishing for it in my heart.

i've also created my own special mantras or chants or thoughts or whatever you want to call it, that i would say to myself in order to keep my hopes, spirits and motivations up and running.

Here are Ruki Kenishiro Golden Laws of Attraction:

* In Times Of Heartbreak
i will overcome this heartbreak
i will overcome this frustration
i will overcome this sadness
i will get over you
* In Times Of Hardships
i will get over this unfortunate dilemma
i will go through this
i will succeed with or without you
i will triumph
* In Times Of Selfdoubt
i believe in my good luck
i believe in my good fortune
i believe in my good health
i believe in my good judgement
i believe in my talents
i believe in my abilities
i believe i will be successful!

Somehow though, i kind of have this feelings deep inside of me that assured me that my luck would indeed change for the better. i certainly hope so.


Kim said…
those are really good mantras.
ruki kenishiro said…
yup, somehow i contradict them sometimes.. when i feel lost and down..

still, i try to say it everytime i'm feeling down..

feel free to post it on your blog or spread it around, just remember to credited it to me..