And The Battle Continues..

Well i thought today my flu and fever would eventually subside, unfortunately it didn't. Though i'm no longer have runny nose, but my body still felt hot and burning. No wonder my colleague shivered under the air cond when i felt nothing. Although i didn't set the air cond temperature really low, just 2o degrees and the fan in it's middle settings.

It was hillarious though, to see them shivered under the coat where by i from time to time close to breaking sweat from my own body heat. i also forgot to take a tablet of vitamin C before i'm off to work. Probably it could help me restore my health back faster.

However i also felt a bit guilty that i caught the flu from god knows where, unfortunately i'm the cause SHE caught the cold from me. Sorry babe.. Don't worry, i'll bring some of my multi vitamins for YOU tomorrow okay?