8 Things You Can Do With LG Viewty Beside Making Phone Call & SMS.

As a user of LG Viewty, sometimes it is quite unfortunate that i'm not and didn't use this phone up to it's fullest. LG Viewty has the capabilities of a lot of things, it's up to the user to make the best of it.

Anyway, here are 8 things that you can do with LG Viewty besides making phone calls & SMSes.

No 8: Day To Day Organiser.

Although not as powerful or fully feature as the Nokia phones, it'll do just fine for an average joe. i use the calendar, add an event and set the alarm for my to do list. As i sometimes forget things.

N0 7: Browse The Internet.

Unfortunately i don't use it often, as currently i'm using prepaid service, and i'm not subscribing the 3G service either. So, to surf the web with only GPRS would only waste my time and prepaid credits. Viewty does have an above average web browser, it successfully load my blog perfectly, unfortunately at the expense of my credit. Which is why i'm not using it that often.

No 6: Blog.

Speaking of surfing the internet. Need i remind you that Viewty has Google Package built in? There's GMail, Google Maps, YouTube and.. Blogger. So you can blog easily & on the go. Pretty neat now isn't it?

No 5: Take A Lot Of Pictures.

Well duh?! 5 Megapixel?! Hello?! Now you don't have to bring along a compact digital camera, just snap that unforgetable and rare moments, as Viewty is more than just a camera phone. There's no need to bring two or three gadgets every way you go. Besides Viewty is small and slim enough to put it in your pant pockets.

No 4: Take A Lot Of Videos.

Be it for your family viewing or YouTube moment, Viewty has the ability to take DVD-like quality video. All with the help of Divx codec, your videos are up to par with other compact video cam. Its convenient too. Just remember, when you became a YouTube superstar, don't forget to link me okay.

No 3: USB Thumb Drive.

Yup, you can use Viewty as your thumb drive. Just set it in your phone settings as mass storage. i am currently adding up my budget to get a 4GB micro SD, i think Viewty is capable of handling that. Donations could help speed up the process.. muahaha..

No 2: Voice Recording.

An added bonus for student to record the lectures from their tutors. A slight reminder though, just remember to put your phone in flight mode, or else don't blame me if you got kick out of class.

No 1: MP3s & Video & Short Movie & Movie player.

Well..Duh?! aren't all modern phone able to do this? Yes, but not as good as Viewty though in terms of video capabilities. Viewty can play music encoded into MP3, WMA & AAC, but the sweet thing is none other than the video capabilities. Viewty can play Divx encoded videos.
i have successfully encoded a LOTR movie and YouTube video to be uploaded into Viewty. (Tutorials on encoding coming soon)