Thoughts on Movies, Studies, Time Management, & Internet Slow Down..

Watsup guys.. well i'm staying up late as usual, doing nothing. Just finished watching The Devil Wears Prada on TV. Although it's girly movie, but i enjoyed it still. The fact that i'm not really that picky on choosing what movie to watch anyway. Of course there's this perception of us guys that we only like action movies and such. Not all do, but of course action movies provides us guys the hint of imagination of doing something that we can't do in real life.

Things such as getting even with revenge without worrying the repercussion, like shooting so called "Bad Guy" in the head to solve a problem. Which is just totally barbaric and unacceptable. That is unless you're the mob, gangsters or unlawful scum, you won't be worrying any outcome from that. Then again it's the jolt of adrenaline rush that we get from watching such action from movies as if we're in it that some of us crave. i would say one of my all time favourite shootout scene was from the first 25 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. It was mind blowing to imagine what might have through the minds of the soldiers back then when they were hailed with artilleries and bullets from the Nazis machine guns.

So anyway, i was actually planning to finish my assignments which were due last Sunday! Good god in heaven..What the FUCK did you do all this while?(you might asked)
i know.. i know... i'm just being.. fucking lazy.. oh god, how am i gonna get good grades this semester...

i think that's one of my bad habits that i need to throw the fuck off; wasting precious time. Seriously, whenever i'm back home from work, i would feel really tired, lazy and sleepy. i've lost my interest to study anymore. All i wanted to do was chill out. i guess i should start to take control of my time by now. At least fill the gap with something productive.

Also i've been experiencing streamyx/internet connection slow down these couple of days. It is so damn fucking frustrating.

What? It's 12:37am Wednesday already? i should go to bed now..