Sucky Internet Connection

Is it just me and my area only that i've experiencing such a sucky internet connection? i think it started afternoon yesterday, that streamyx connection began to deteriorate. Web pages can't seems to load properly.

At first i thought it was my laptop, and after a few reboot and diagnostics on the network, i'm convinced it was not my laptop. Then i reset the wireless modem a couple of times. That didn't solve the internet connection lag. Next i tried logging into the internet using the family desktop, and only after that, that i came to the conclusion that it was streamyx problem.

What the hell happened i wonder? Frustration leads to anger. Then i read some blog(that fortunately i can open) from another Mirian blogger, Aisyah, and from her post i realized that this shitty connection seems to affect her side of town too. Where ever she's logged in from.

God damn it! i was planning to do an all out editting my blog template this weekend. You suck streamyx!

P/s: Dear Streamyx please get better, i promised i won't say you suck but if you're still lagged, i would still shout YOU SUCK! Muahahaha!