Oh.. What A Day!

Watsup yo.. Thiz iz yo hommy speakin..
Okay.. okay i'll stop..

Just had an awful day today.. really really bad day at the office..

Well you'd probably guessed what i'm gonna tell you anyway. Details are just so overrated but i'm gonna tell you this though. Do i have to be end of the yelling even when it's not any of my fault? i think my ears are bleeding okay.. Literally..


i have to get out of this, i'm closed to the point of i can't take it anymore. i'm stress out just because of the poor work enviroment. Not the kind of hazardous to one's physical being but rather the mental side of it. My mental and emotional side is getting the beating.

i'm hoping that i could get out of that by getting some kind of income from blogging. Unfortunately my making money online scheme is totally not going off as i expected. Dang! None of the ads are getting any money in. Perhaps my placement and choice of ads template are not right. i think there room for improvement there.

Well my wishlist for now is just that i could get a steady income of $800USD per month for a start. From there i could perhaps set myself free.

Okay, that's my thoughts for the day. Glad to get it out of my chess. Anyway, it's getting really late right now, and i'm supposed to be sleeping. So have a gudnyte sleep & sweetdreams to anyone reading this, even if in your time zone it's daylight, i'm just wishing you early.

Later yo..