Oh! My Unrequited Love.. Part 0

i have no idea what to do with this situation. The question that kept spinning around in my head is, "Why am i still in love with someone who just simply doesn't love me back?"

What the point of waiting for that someone to love you back? i can't see any logic to it, and yet i just somehow can't get rid of the motivation to wait for her patiently to return the favour. i know how she felt about me, both of us have briefly discussed about it. She already said that she doesn't see me the way that i see her.

For countless number of times, i've told myself, "Move on! Damn it!".

Seriously.. fucking seriously.. sooo fucking seriously..
honestly dear..

i can't let you go.. i really really really wish that i could turn back the time and we'd be the best of friends again.. Damn it!

Oh dear love, why have you forsaken me?