If i Were A Billionaire..

i have dreamt of being a billionaire. Did you? Probably most of everyone in the world wanted at least to be rich. However in order to be a billionaire, one have to work hard, have tons of good businesses, and of course make a lot of money. i don't think i can be a billionaire, as i am not a business minded person.

However, being just a millionaire in Malaysia is not that too far fetch though. With the right business model and good marketing strategy, one can reach it. Besides, a million in Malaysian Ringgit is only about 300K in $USD.

i don't actually have to be a millionaire to be happy. All i want is that, i can make at least double the amount of income from blogging compare to my monthly salary, which is just enough for me. Then i could blog full time and be free! Muahaha!

Like always, fingaz crozz!

So anyway, if you've ever dreamt of being a billionaire, why don't you take this survey and see what type of billionaire you might be.


What would you do with your money?

Look, i'm like.. Sir Richard Branson!