Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Linking Custom Domain Name With Blogger, finally!

Hey.. did you notice it yet? hah? hah? HAH? Hah? HAH? Hah? HAH?

Come on, surely you guys would notice it. Come on.. Okay, i'll tell you guys anyways. Yup, i finally figured out how to link my own domain name, to my blogger account. In other term, i finally have my own domain name.. (Duh?! You're not the only one)

Okay.. okay you're right. Lots of other people have their own domain name and link it with blogger. i know it's ancient history. i just figured it out okay.

Unfortunately i just figured it out today! The funny thing was, Exabytes.com(where i registered my domain name) sent a reminder email to renew my domain name, which will expire this coming August. The worst part, it's only after two years that i finally figured out the mistakes in my settings. hahaha!

Okay, from now on, my new address will be: rukikenishiro.com