Where To Spend Your Holiday?

Wow.. Is it just me or the time really pass by quickly nowadays? As here in Sarawak, we're having a two days extra holiday on Monday and Tuesday because of the state holiday falls on Sunday, which is The Gawai Dayak of course. Seriously though, i still felt it was like Saturday when i woke up this morning. i really didn't want this holiday to end.

What actually have i been doing these past four days of holidays? Nothing.. Seriously fucking nothing.. What the hell? haha.. i'm totally not kidding, i just been sitting on my ass all day in front of my laptop watching videos on YouTube and stuffs.

i only got out yesterday, to get pizza on the go, to eat at home. i never actually like dining in the Pizza Hut restaurant at Bintang, i didn't know why, probably its because i'm so used to take out from Mac D's.

So anyway, the point that i'm trying to say before i went out of the topic, is the time really seems to fly by isn't it? For goodness sake, it fucking June already! It's like the first half of the year now! Well ddduuuuhhh.. i seriously haven't done anything to you know, the things that i've should do from list of my resolution. Though i have yet to do anything from that previous year's resolution. God, time just gone by just like that.. The next thing i know, i'm just an old fuck still blogging..haha.. i really doubt that, but there a possibility now is there?

So anyway what have been happening to me actually..beside me complaining and bickering about how frustrated i am when my best friend rejected my propose of me to be her boyfriend, with the reason that she didn't see me that way.

Actually there a lot have been happening, firstly being, finally i got one of my poem published! i got the book copies for me last Tuesday. The book was titled Aweks KL. Go get one now! My poem is in it! Sorry i can't give you any more of my copies, as i already gave them all out (as each writer/contributer were given free 5 copies only).

Here's the link from the publiser's page: click me..

Secondly, i'm close to finishing my own poetry book, just about to add my own artwork, author's note and stuffs. For this one though i'm planning to self published it on the internet as an ebook. i'm jumping into the internet enterpreneur bandwagon. i'm planning to use PayPal and Google Checkout as the method of payment, though all is not yet complete. All i need if all these work well, my success threshold limit would be about 6000 downloads. If the sales goes well beyond that, i would be most delighted.

Anyway, the videos that have my interest are:

1. The new BMW Mini Cooper S. i fucking seriously want one!

2. Tips on how to prevent sleepless night. i like part where they said the bed should be reserve only for sleeping and having sex, nice!

3. Craig Ferguson, the guy from Drew Carey. He is the man! He is so funny!

Oh man, it's 15 minutes to 1am already? i gotta go to sleep now, gotta get up early tomorrow, working again..damn..