Waiting? Searching?

It's 15 minutes to 1am Monday right now, i'm hoping that my post would display the correct time and day, but it usually don't so i have state the correct one, so that you guys won't be confuse as i am.

This morning(Sunday) , i went to my best friend's wedding. He's been my best friend since childhood. i kind of envy him. He is just so fucking lucky.. haha.. He actually didn't have to look for a wife, but the wife found him..

So the story goes like this. Back then when she still studying and doing a job practical, she did that practical at his workplace in Bintulu. They met there, and they kind of casually date. As the time goes by, she finished her practical period and went back to her university and finished her study.

When she finished her studies, she decided to look for a job that closes to him, hence Miri. This is where my opinion of her; She's just so determined to get her man(my bestfriend), and decided to get a job far from home, just to get close to him. Oh.. sorry, i forgot to mention, she's from Sabah.

Now why can't i find a girl like that?

Looks like i still have to wait and search for her, whoevershewillbe..
God, it's 15minutes past 1am already, gotta go to sleep, can't wait for Euro 2008, tomorrow have to go to work..