How To Get Good Sleep?

Since i got a notebook given to me from a colleague, i've been using it as a journal. i don't want to call it a diary, that would sound girly.. muahaha.. Yup, i've been keeping a journal for about a month now. i wrote every thoughts that crossed my mind into it. Although the strange thing is, i always write it in the morning, while waiting for the office to be open.

Usually most would write it probably at the end of the day, like night maybe, but not me though. i write in the morning, when there's actually nothing happen.. yet.

So anyway, i couldn't sleep properly and soundly last night. i kept waking up and having difficulties of getting back to sleep. It was probably because i was thinking too much before i go to bed. Yup, you can guess what i was thinking of. It's all about her of course.

All night long, i was tossing and turning and only by 3am, that i remembered, i finally dozzed off into deep sleep. Unfortunately that's not enough as i have to get up early in the morning to work. BBAARRFF...

At work, i was kind of sleepy. Fortunately, nothing bad happened, and by bad, i meant mistakes. As in my field of work, mistakes, even a genuine one, is a big NO..NO.

But wait, why is the hell am i doing up late again writing this blog post? i have no fuking clue..

You know what i should really do seriously:

1. Do my assignments.
2. Study for this weekend's quiz.
3. Do a make over for my blog.
4. Get a life?

Muahahaha.. okay, i should go to sleep now. It's freakin 1230am!