Have You Heard? A New LG.. SECRET.. ssshhh...

OMG.. you haven't heard the news? OMG.. omg.. omg.. omg.. seriously you haven't heard?

Ok let me tell you.. come on, shut up and listen.. shut it.. SHUT IT! haha..

There's a new LG phone coming out, and it's a SECRET.. no not secret, secret.. but SECRET..
LG KF750 SECRET... ssshhh... well the thing is, it's an LG Viewty on crack..

It is slimmer.
It has 5 megapixel camera.
It can take SloMo video and guess what a Fast video recording aka Time Lapse.
It got glass display & carbon fiber battery cover.
It has accelorometer built in.
It got Divx player.
30fps video recording.


It has keypad.. keypad in a sliding body.. for those who can't cope or live without a keypad, this is the phone for you..

Go get it..