Force To Take Annual Leave To Out On A Date With Magibon

Oh man, i doing it again.. staying up late at night.. doing nothing productive but watching video on YouTube..

So anyway, i'll be taking my annual leave this coming Thursday & Friday. The thing is i actually don't want to take my leave this week, my plan was to go on leave next week. Unfortunately there's no one taking their annual leave this week but there's two person planning(me included and the other one) to go on leave next week.. and one of my colleague will be going for course that week also, SO i have to give in and be a GUD Gentleman.. barf.. barf.. *i'm sick of being such a nice guy, and yet nothing great have ever happen to me* barf.. barf..

In conclusion, i prefer calling my leave this Thursday & Friday, it should properly be called "Force Leave". muahaha..

Anyway, usually my colleagues when they are on leave, they usually go somewhere. Like KL, KK, Kuching, and stuffs. Though for me, ever since i've been working here (for about three years now) i never ever go somewhere, whenever i took my annual leave.

i often being asked whenever i took my annual leave,
"Where are you planning to go?" or "Where are you going?"

The usual thought that would popped into my head whenever i hear those questions are, 'why are the fuck they like to ask that questions? i'm fucking broke damn it!'

So like usual, i have no plan of going anywhere, i have no plan of doing anything, and i have no fucking plan at all.

Even Magibon won't go out on a date with me.. sigh..