Finding A Better Paying Job Or Another Career..Oil and Gas..

i have the most shocking news while on holiday Friday. My colleague resigned. The ironic and interesting part of it was that he was the least that i would expect to resign. As he was not vocal about it so i was really surprised. Also the fact that the letter he submitted was a 24 hour resignation letter. That can only meant: he was offered higher paid job! Nice!

i really felt happy for him, and it got me thinking, "when will my time come?"

There are many greener pasture out there, and it's just that i have yet the courage and motivation to go look for them. This is what makes me annoyed with myself sometimes. i think too much yet lack the effort of actually doing it.

Being a Mirian, oil and gas industries careers are a major source high paying job that i can think of right now, like what my former colleague chose. The fact that he got an oversea offshore job was an awesome example. It is highly probable that what he'll make for the period he'd be working will as much i would get for a year's wage. How awesome is that right?

i don't know, perhaps someday i'll have enough courage and the right motivation to take a risk and take up the challenge to find myself a much better paid career.

So anyway here are some links that you might interested in:

Exxonmobil (Malaysia)
Petronas Carigali

P/s: Please note that the mention links are a few of the major companies in oil and gas. You could start by working with a local oil and gas companies to gather enough experience then go for senior post at any major companies.